Florianopolis , also known as the Island of magic, is a city with great natural beauty. These characteristics have transformed this island into one of the most popular places for tourism in the world. The modern comforts of a big city are intertwined with the appeal of a small town hospitality.

Floripa offers perfect conditions for the practice of sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, rock climbing and paragliding. It also has numerous ecological trekkings and over 42 pristine beaches.

The School


UPTOYOU is a school that aims to make the process of learning a second language easier and more pleasurable. Portuguese as a second language is a specially planned course, focusing on real world practice by taking advantage of the student`s immersion situation. Because of this the culture is always emphasized in class as well as the use of
the language and its social characteristics.

Our group classes have up to 5 students and we also offer private classes. Each classroom has a computer connected to the internet, air conditioning and all the support needed for somebody who wants to make the most of studying Portuguese while enjoying Brazil .

UPTOYOU is located in Santa Monica which is one of the easiest areas to access from any region of this beautiful island. In addition UPTOYOU is within walking distance of malls, supermarkets, theatres, and the famous Beira Mar Norte Avenue.

Our school also offers a social agenda specifically organized for tourists from abroad. Participating in these events will give you the chance to understand better the culture, happiness and charm of Brazilian people.




Email: contato@uptoyoulanguages.com.br